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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

India's first recital

Violin is a big part of our lives right now,went through lots of squeaky noises ,screaming,crying and just plain tough practices untill we finally hit our milestone where it's become part of our daily routine.It wasn't easy and there were times I wished I had them do some other instrument where it didn't require so much of ME,but as I was sitting in India's recital last Sunday and watched her perform "ETUDE" which she probably practiced over 100 times, a feeling of pride and accomplishment overwhelmed me, it took lots of dedication, perseverance and whole lots of love. I saw the fruit of my little baby's hard work (and mine too hehe!)and there it felt all worth it,every single minute of that 60 min practice was well spent.

That hour I spend daily with her will be a memory for me to cherish forever. I am so thankful to have such a precious daughter and is so happy to have found our little activity where we can bound together.

Our Journey with Violin has just began ....

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The Jones Family said...

How awesome!! What a great activity to participate in.